Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another project done!

Admittedly, it was a small one. I finished the beaded bracelet from the kit I bought last year at Knit Fest. (I am going again this year, mostly for the shopping, also for the dyeing class- something I would like to try without making a mess at home!) Voila!

Speaking of fun knitting events, is anyone going to
Stitches Midwest next month?
I've never gotten to go before because it's ALWAYS been on the same weekend as my work retreat. Not this year! I'm so excited. Even though I live near Detroit, I'm going to fly. That way I can leave at noon and arrive at noon through the magic of short flights and time zones. No hot 5 hour trip down 94 for me!


Lauren said...

Pretty bracelet! :)

Stitches Widwest sounds like so much fun--I am sure if you "googled" it you could find several other knitbloggers that mentioned it and maybe you could hook up with one!

Have a grand time!

Beth said...

I'll be there with two other friends, one a knitblogger and one who tried, but quit. I'm not sure about the details of when we're arriving, but it should be sometime Thursday night.