Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The end of the year is here again, and with it, a contest. As I did last December, fabulous prizes (shiny new knitting books!) will go to the lucky readers who are closest, but not over, to the correct:
1. Number of finished projects in 2006
2. Number of skeins in my stash
3. Number of unfinished projects still waiting to be finished

I have until the 31st to try to finish another project or two, of course! Winners will be announced January 1. (I probably should have said this earlier, but you have until you go to bed December 31 to get your guesses in.)

Good luck!


Ragan said...

Wow. Hmm...that is a hard one. I will have to comment twice! :)

Sarah said...

1. 20
2. 20
3. 6

sylv said...

hey, cool, there seems to be contests all over these days.. :-P
How about 52/106/5... ?

Beth said...

So few commenters, how can I not wager a guess?

1) 31
2) 112
3) 3

Knit, I AM said...

Let's see...Let me look into my crystal ball... :)

1. 15
2. 50
3. 9

Anonymous said...

1. finished I will Guess 60
2. yarn stash Hummm 120
3. not finished i will guess 10

lol i guessed as good as i could lol.

Shorty said...

I'm not a lucky person, but I'll give it a try.

1. 38
2. 158
3. 4

ikkinlala said...

Wild guesses:

1. 27
2. 71
3. 7

Robin said...

1) 26
2) Includes sock yarn, too, right? OK, too many skeins to count or 224, whichever comes first.
3) 8