Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yes, you can make yarn with crab shells, baby

Cool surprises from SWTC today in the mail. First, a nice present of Pure (what will I make??) in a pretty deep teal-y color. The main event, however-- samples of their upcoming yarns Tofutsies and Inspiration! Tofutsies (the variegated one) is a sock yarn with a nice feel- it's a wool/Soysilk/cotton/and CRAB & SHRIMP SHELLS blend. I'm dying for them to get more in so I can see more than just a little piece. You know how much I love to knit socks! The other new one (the natural colored one) is Inspiration, a Soysilk/alpaca blend- seems to be about a DK weight or so. I'm also looking forward to seeing samples of their new Vickie Howell collection yarns, one of which is made (no lie) of milk protein.

In other news, I've finally decided what to do with my stash of Touch Me- the Vintage Velvet scarf from Scarf Style. I've never done a reversable cable before- it's pretty neat. I don't have enough to make the whole scarf right now- so I'll probably have to suck it up and buy another ball or two (when it comes to Touch Me, that's quite an investment!)

Finally, my latest purchase of Socks That Rock- it's my first foray into mediumweight. The color is Sherbet, and while it is pretty bright I just couldn't resist it.


Ragan said...

Wow, that is some great yarn!!!

Jae said...

I have an extra two balls of that color (if what the monitor shows me is 3621). Maybe we could make a trade?

Larjmarj said...

Isn't it amazing what they are making yarn out of! I wonder if the seafood shell yarn smells "beachy" when wet as wool smells "sheepy" when wet. I love the vintage velvet pattern very pretty, also the color of the sock yarn is scrumptious. I totally forgot about Halloween being THIS week, guess I won't be there Tues.

Amy said...

I won't be there either- got to take the girl trick or treating.

Jess said...

Tofutsies sounds too funny. I can't wait to see what sort of yarn crustaceans make.