Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10 days to go, plus part of a sock

And I'm feeling a little nervous. Injury + Back to School Stress (MUCH worse than normal this year) + 4 Weeks of Nasty Cold, Ear Infection, etc. = One Girl Who Has Slacked Off and Gotten Soft (put a few pounds on too, unfortunately!)

The Marathon is in 10 days, and I think I have done about 2 weeks of workouts in the past 2 months. One thing after another, lame excuses I know, but here we are.

I did go out this evening though (I'm shooting for daily workouts until then, nothing too strenuous)- I can still maintain a decent pace, I'm just hoping I can last the whole 13.1 miles and not be so slow as to get picked up by the slacker bus. The timeframe for getting to back to the Detroit-Windsor tunnel is not exactly generous! I'm sure it will be fun, no matter what-- I just really want that finisher's medal. Wearing my sparkly tiara. We'll see. Wish me luck.

In other news, I have been working on my Socktoberfest Socks:

Yes, Socks That Rock again. I think the color is Lapis- I started these a while back and forgot about them. I even ordered some more- I'm going to try the medium weight next time.

Just a bit more to go on Top Secret Project #2- hard to get in the mood to finish though, isn't it?


Joan said...

I love the socks. I was gifted with a skein of Lapis and now can see how they work up. It's my only skein of STR so far. Beautiful!

Shorty said...

Sorry you've been so stressed. I'm sure you will do great in the race. I don't think you can "not" do well in anything you choose to do. You are a role model to me, any many, many areas.

I'll be virtually cheering you on every step of the way.


Dana said...

I'm with Sonya. You're a go-getter, and no matter what the challenge you will rise to the occasion! I look forward to seeing your finishers medal (and tiara)!

Go get 'em!