Monday, June 05, 2006

yes, I still exist, thank you

To go a whole week without posting- that's just not me. I'm still slaving away on that sweater for the Alpaca Yarn Co.- it HAS TO GET DONE LIKE RIGHT NOW so in a second I'm going back to it. If I only didn't have a real job, this would be so much easier.

In happier yarn-related news, Mr. Mailman brought me TWO checks- one for a SWTC sweater and one from Cast On. Yippee! Now all the money I spent on "necessary" Marathon Training Supplies (new shoes, cute outfits, etc.) isn't going to get me in trouble. I did a whopping (for me) 14.2 miles last week (spread over 4 days). Now the trick is to keep going- that's what the cute outfits are for. (Yes my need for external motivation is just plain sad).

I'm leaving for TNNA after work on Friday. I was hoping I'd have time to knit up something cute to wear, but yeah right. Guess I'm sticking to "regular" clothes. I'll let you know if I meet anyone famous (in the yarn sense) there. I'm hoping!


Cathi said...

I totally want to hear about your cute outfits- have you gotten a running skirt yet? Or is that too girly? I want one so bad, and promised myself I would treat myself to one after the half, but I haven't done it yet. I'm so proud of you for starting a training schedule- now to get remotivated for my own (official training for me doesn't start until the end of the month).

Are you going to be at TNNA with SWTC? Or are you allowed to go since you're a world famous designer now? Or because of the swatches you sent in? Almost Felted Lauren will be at the Alchemy booth, you should stop by and say hello!

Lolly said...

Cute outfits TOTALLY help! That is so great that you are training for this! Best of luck! Have fun at TNNA!