Friday, June 09, 2006

At last!

The Fair Isle Cardigan for Alpaca Yarn Co. is done. Really. Just needs the buttons sewn on after it's done blocking (which it's doing now.) I am so happy. And tired. I still need to pack to leave for TNNA tomorrow after work, but that will have to wait till the morning.


Hey- as of this moment (well, I still need to clean up the pattern instructions a bit) I have no knitting going on for anyone else. I can make something for ME next- like the socks I have yet to cast on for. Yay!! As much as I love seeing my work in magazines and stuff, after spending the last 4 months cranking out designs for mags and yarn companies(including that capelet, 2 cardigans (1 Fair Isle and the other with an allover knit/purl pattern), 1 allover cabled mock turtleneck sweater-in sport weight yarn no less, 1 short sleeve sweater, 1 Fair Isle pillow, 2 pairs of socks, plus other submissions, writing instructions, etc.) I'm ready for a little break. And just in time- school lets out next week!

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Diane said...

Have fun at TNNA! You sure have been a busy designer. Enjoy your weekend!