Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nice mail

I got a letter in the mail today letting me know that I have officially moved up from "Associate" to "Established Professional" in the Association of Knitwear Designers (AKD). Yay!

I'm on my cruddy old laptop using dial up right now because many a storm today has messed up my DSL on the good computer. Oh well. This thing can barely handle me typing, let alone pictures, so you'll have to wait to see knitting updates. I'm going to Traverse City tomorrow for a few days with the girls from work, so I hope to have both some "Trek With Me" sock action as well as vacation sock progress for the Summer of Socks.

If you haven't gotten around to donating to my little crusade for Team Tiara, what are you waiting for? Does someone else need to get my Koigu? It could be you, you know! Every little bit counts.

1 comment:

Ragan said...

Poor you, dial up. Bleck!!! That is the worst! It is amazing how far technology has come! Alright, that made me sound really OLD!! LOL.
That is great that you got a "promotion" of sorts! Congratulations!