Thursday, September 15, 2005


10 days...10 pounds. This South Beach business is really working. Even though I am normally a sugar freak, once I got past the first few days it's been pretty easy (mind you, if it wasn't for artificially sweetened stuff I would have caved. Right away. Seriously.)
Almost done with the Karaoke sweater for SWTC, and am partially done with the one for Knitter's. Both need to be done soon, so I'm knitting every spare moment. Joe bought me some Kids in the Hall and Degrassi Jr. High DVDs(I loved those shows when I was a teenager/very young adult)and that keeps me company :) The house is a wreck though. Oh well!


Laurie (Moo!) said...

10 lbs! That's great news! Keep it up.

I love "Kids in the Hall". And it's a great show to knit to. Have you seen Dave Foley on Celebrity Poker? When you always watch re-runs, it's shocking to see them now.

Knit on!

Lolly said...

Wow, way to go, Amy! that is really great!