Friday, June 24, 2005

See you later!

I'm going to Charlevoix in a few minutes. I'm on row 63 of my Charlotte so all is well (granted, row 1 only had 7 sts so the first few went very quickly.) Joe calls it "The Technicolor Dream Poncho." He thinks he's funny, see?
I hope to get a lot more done on the trip. I'll put up a picture when I get back.
In other Charlotte-related news, the lace pattern is, by some bizarre coincidence, the same as one of the lace swatches I did for TKGA Level II last summer. Easy but looks nice, basically. Usually I avoid knitting lace because I hate to, but I want the shawl--plus, this lace isn't as hard to keep track of as some.
Off to beachy-goodness I go! See you Monday or Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

Expect a box o' fun when you return!