Saturday, June 18, 2005

The good, the bad, the ugly

First, the ugly. I started knitting this sock a while back from the Opal yarn I won playing "Opalette Bingo" (the Yahoo group, if you aren't familiar- if you get bingo you win a free skein of Opal.) As much as I love Opal, I've decided I don't like this one. I am officially abandoning this sock.

Now the good. Instead, I have started a new sock from Opal Handpaints that I bought at Knit Fest last year. It's a purpley/bluey/greeny color. I think I'll like it. I only have about a half inch of ribbing so far.

More good. You know how I wrote to different yarn companies asking for samples and such for swatching? Well, one of the swatches I did for the TNNA show was in Moda Dea yarn, so I had written to Coats and Clark. A while back they sent a bunch of color cards, but yesterday they sent me some yarn too. How nice! Behold:

I guess the bad is that I'm SICK today. Sore throat, stuffy, tired, etc. Of course, just when school gets out. How typical. I still have to work a few more days to finish up things at school, and then the teachers are taking a few days to go mess around in Charlevoix (yes, we socialize.) I'd better go knit myself well so I'll be ready!


Laurie (Moo!) said...

Oh, Amy, I'm sorry you're sick! Get a chicken and make some soup.

I like the colors in your "Opalette Bingo" yarn. Want to do a swap? I have a skein that I just don't want to start.

I'll e-mail you pictures of it.

Feel better!

SP said...

oh no! Feel better Amy! Another package is taking form...

Amy said...

Thanks SP- I could really use one right about now!