Friday, June 10, 2005

Crabby? You bet!

Okay, so it hasn't been a great week.
Problem #1: It has been ridiculously hot all week for this time of year (in the 90's) and the air conditioning was broken at work until today. So I spent the week in a windowless room, baking, with many small children.
Problem #2: Said small children were overly excited about the coming of summer vacation.
Problem #3: El carpal tunnel has been acting up a lot over the past week so I haven't been able to knit.
If I had, of course, I probably could have dealt with #1 and #2. At least it's Friday now. Only 4 more school days. I can do it. Really. (I adore my students of course, it's just get the picture.)

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Mrs.Curvy said...

Amy Hi! Yes, we have been getting alot of hot weather here lately. Sorry you've been having such a bad time with the weather. I wanted to thank you for your help in leading me to the site of how to make the progress bars! I posted a thank you post on my blog. I'm Michelle from group.