Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I finished the sweater for Knit Simple today, and what can I say? It's pink, and Emma's size, so she'd like to keep it for herself. Too bad, kiddo-- it's got a date with a shipping box. More yarn is coming tomorrow for another sweater to finish before TNNA, and of course I'll do that one before starting in on the rest of the to-be-knit shelf, which believe it or not used to be more crammed than it is now. Guess I'm making progress.

Everything is wonderfully (perhaps crazily?) busy whenever TNNA is looming, but I enjoy going to the show so much that all the lack of sleep and long hours is totally worth it. The news of winning $500 from the Pattern-a-Day calendar thing really made my work-y weekend. I sent in a few patterns (for little things, like the sushi) last fall just for the heck of it (and the possibility of a free calendar)-- I never thought for a second I would win anything.


Shorty said...

I'm not surprised you won. Your skills as a designer are very evident.

Anonymous said...

I agree with shorty! You've designed wonderful items, and deserve to win. I entered "just because" as well and am very pleased that my designs have been included. AND I get a calendar!
:0) I'm going to think up something for next year, are you? samm