Monday, March 24, 2008

New Socks

First off, I finished the socks I was working on in Socks That Rock Mediumweight. The color is "Sherbet" and yes, they are VERY bright. Very quick, too, in the Mediumweight!

I started another pair (or two) while we were having Easter dinner with Hubbo's family (one pair for Emma, one for me). Will take some pictures when there's more to show (I did finish one of Emma's socks already).

Work-wise, I'm waiting for yarn for some new designs and up to my armpits in tech editing. The good thing is that since I just shipped out a bunch of designs it's not too crazy (at least until more yarn shows up, right?) The good thing is, when I get tired of editing I can knit, and when I get tired of knitting I can edit-- kind of balances each other out. I kind of take it as a given that I'll be very busy from now until June TNNA, but hey, that beats having nothing to do in my book.


Beth said...

I think I'd need sunglasses to knit that colorway... they came out nice though :)

Anonymous said...

Great socks! I like the colours. Could you explain what tech editing is to me? :O)samm

Larjmarj said...


Love em' they're so 80's