Sunday, February 03, 2008

Finished at Knit Michigan

Finally, at last, I finished the Frolic Socks (so called because I bought the yarn at the Knitter's Frolic last year in Toronto) yesterday at Knit Michigan. We had a great day of knitting, spinning, shopping, classes, food, Ravelry meetup, and just hanging out. I started myself a nice new fiber stash to go with my new hobby (okay, obsession). Fortunately I'm in for more of the same with my knitting friends today-- I'm hoping I can cross another long-suffering personal knitting project off my list before returning to "work knitting" on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day for a fibre obsessed person. :O) Can't wait to see those socks! I'm envying your meeting up with Ravelryers. Someday..... Glad it was such a wonderful experience! samm

Dana said...

I checked out your new stash on ravelry, pretty pretty! Wish I could have been there.