Monday, February 04, 2008

Bizarre, yet nice

Yesterday I went through the nice goody bag I got at Knit Michigan, and amidst all the pens and notepads and yarn and patterns and such I found a poster showing the designs for 2 of the Spring/Summer 2008 Nashua Handknits pattern books. Wouldn't you know? One was Road Trip- with my little cardigan. What a nice surprise! Here's the picture I took of the sweater before I shipped it off last summer, but it really sucks compared to the nice shot in the book. Yes, those are 3/4 length sleeves, but of course it's hard to tell on the dress form.


Tracey in Michigan said...


Crap- should have had you sign the poster- that would have felt bizarre- I'm sure!

Larjmarj said...

Me likey..

How ironic ;-)