Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To Do List

First let me say that the buttonhole directions on these are the best I've ever seen-- not quite the usual one-row buttonhole. They come out really neat and with nice "corners" (can you tell I was knitting buttonholes yesterday?) Anyway, that's yesterday. The 1st sweater for Nashua is boxed and gone, yay! I treated myself to knitting on my Monkey socks the rest of the day, plus I found my enormous binders of crochet patterns that I thought were lost (they were buried in the basement). Just in case I feel like crocheting, you know?

For today:
1. Swatching and sketching for several upcoming deadlines. I have a pile of scribbly notes and messy sketches in my little notebook to translate and match with appropriate yarns. Then lots of breathless waiting, right?
2. Put on the tech editor hat and work on a few patterns for my lovely clients.
3. Laundry (down to emergency levels of clean clothes).
4. Tutor (I'm doing a bit of tutoring now, did you know?)
5. There must be something else, it will come to me.

Totally off-topic, Rosalie has decided it's fun to drag Emma's stuffed animals around the house at night. This morning there was a penguin in the hallway (normally he goes for her stuffed rat, but apparently she took that one to bed last night). He's a little odd, I think.

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