Friday, August 03, 2007

A bit under the weather...

I'm feeling less-than-great today, but I did manage to get a bit of knitting done (see the "to do" shelf below):

Believe it or not, I've already knit through 20 balls that were once on the shelf in the last month or so-- not too bad.

Rosalie decided to spend a good chunk of the afternoon rolling around on me, as you can see (Pinecone was sleeping elsewhere):

And my Sockapalooza socks arrived! Yay!

They come from Paige at Modern Yarn. They fit nicely and I LOVE the colors. Thanks Paige!!


Paige said...

Glad they fit! And glad you like the colors. Wear them in good health!

Larjmarj said...

Cute socks! I love the fluted looking cuffs. Get better!

Laurie said...

Sorry you're under the weather. Feel better soon!

Rosalie is a doll face. She's helping Mom feel good. Did it work?