Friday, August 17, 2007


Is something I'm not very good at. I've been stalking the mailman for a glimpse of my socks in the Fall issue of Cast On-- today I got a little note letting me know they've been bumped to the Winter issue. That's fine, of course, just means the mailman is in for another stalking in a few months! :) At least my Seasilk concoction is supposed to be in the next Magknits-- that should tide me over. (Note to self: It's absolutely ridiculous how excited you get about seeing your patterns in print. Really, control yourself. It's getting embarrassing.)

My sock pal returned from her trip and got her socks, they fit and everything. She's Meghann of Radiant Twist!

I just might have a date tonight with Hubbo, which would be nice! In the meantime, I'm hashing out the math on a couple of designs I'm doing for upcoming books so I can knit them. I'm not one of those "let's just dive in and figure it out as we go" kind of people-- I like to have all the numbers figured out before I cast on. Maybe that sucks some of the spontaneity and fun out of it, maybe it just makes it so I'm (at least usually) happy with the result without a lot of ripping back and reknitting. Either way.


Connie said...

I know what you mean about being excited to see your design in print. I stalked the Knitter's website for weeks before their summer issue preview went up and then stalked barnes and noble for weeks afterwards waiting for the actual issue to arrive.

I like to do the math before I cast on too, but I don't need to do the math for the entire sweater. For example, I'll do most of the back first, cast on and knit to that point, do the math for the armholes, knit to that point, do the math for the neckline, etc. etc.

Shorty said...

Hey, I was waiting on this issue also! How dare they push your pattern back another month. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait a while longer.

See you in a couple of weeks.