Saturday, May 19, 2007

Monkey socks, or how I learned to love Magic Loop

Despite being a diehard double-point woman all my life, I finally learned to appreciate Magic Loop. All it took was finally getting my hands on a pair of the new Addi lace needles. I was one of those who wrote to Skacel last year pining for an Addi with a sharper tip, but little did I know that as a bonus the cables would be sooooooo wonderful. It's easy enough to knit Magic Loop with any old Addis, but with these it's a dream. I got an email from Karin Skacel the other day telling me there would be larger sizes coming next year, I can't wait! (Not that I need to buy a bunch more Addis, but I probably will). These, incidentally, are size US1 in the 32" length- just right for socks. Yarn, as I previously mentioned, is Yarn Pirate.
P.S. I'm liking the Monkey pattern- easy and fun.
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Shorty said...

Welcome to the "LOOP" side! I knew I'd get you here eventually.

So glad to see you doing "The Monkey" with your birthday yarn. The "Pirate" rules doesn't she.

Can't wait to se them live and in person on Tuesday.

Larjmarj said...

Yeah!!! another looper. It's the only way I teach socks now.
Monkey socks are next on my list, I just have to find the perfect yarn.

Jennifer said...

And... we love the yarn! It looks great on the monkey socks.

Amanda said...

Those socks look like so much fun.... I'll have to try the magic loop sometime soon....