Thursday, May 10, 2007

From Grandma

I've got some old knitting/crochet tools that I'm proud to own, given to me by my Grandma (they originally belonged to either her mother, I believe, though some pieces may have been her grandmother's). I realized I've never shown them off so I thought I would.

First, the old sewing basket. I keep this in my knitting room shelf and store all the tools inside. (Pardon the dustiness!)

Next, an old-school circular (I have a few). I would hate to have to knit with this-the cable is braided wire and they joins fray and catch your yarn!

And last, some bone (I believe, I don't think they're ivory) crochet hooks (I have one more in my sock bag) and another little tool I can't identify. Any ideas?


Jennifer said...

Wow! Lucky you. That basket is amazing. What a treasure to have all these family heirlooms. I'm stumped on the needle with a hole - unless it's someone's best attempt at a darning needle.

Amby said...

What a beautiful basket, and how special to have it! I'm stumped on the needle thingy too!

Amanda said...

Very Cool... I used to have things like that from both of my Grandmas'....Then I had Roommates that seemed to think my stuff was for community use. Cats are much better roommates.

elan said...

Love the basket. I have circs like that to & I never use them either.

Larjmarj said...

How cool, my mom has some ivory crochet hooks too that belonged to her mother.
Not to sure about the needle thingy, could it be a nose picker?