Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting over

Yesterday I realized that the design I'm working on for SWTC (in one of the new, and I dare say REALLY NICE brand new, not quite in stores yet yarns "Love"- it's bamboo and silk, super soft, almost glowing) was not looking how I wanted it to. So I held my breath and ripped out 3 days of work, after which I needed some time to regain my composure before rethinking, redoing some math and starting over. Here's the progress (the edge might look rolled right now but it won't be in the end- I'm planning something neat for that.)

Love is the second of SWTC's new "Vickie Howell Collection" yarns I've gotten to see- the other, "Craft" is also really nice (cotton and milk protein). I don't usually like cotton yarn so if I do it must be good. I haven't designed anything with that yet, just have a sample ball to try out. The third, called "Rock" is a blend of soysilk, wool, and hemp- but I haven't seen it yet.

As soon as I finish this project (shouldn't take long now) I have another sweater to design for SWTC in their new Inspiration (blend of soysilk and alpaca) and FINALLY I get to get cracking on the sweater I'm doing for Kerrie Allman's (of MagKnits)upcoming book! There was a lot of problems in the getting-the-yarn-to-me process but it's been all worked out- luckily she was able to extend the deadline!

Looks like I'm not going to be able to hit the stash for a while- and considering how much I realized I have, that could be a problem. Oh well! It seems that I always get super busy periods with lots of designs due and then there are other times I can slow things down a bit. I'm determined to get a ton of knitting done this week- plus a bunch of stuff for work- luckily Hubbo and Emma will lend a hand around the house because I'll never keep up with everything!

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Amby said...

Those yarn blends sound amazing...and I can't wait to see the sweater for Kerrie's book!!!