Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Firsts and Favorites

I was feeling a bit sentimental (as opposed to vacuuming, which I started but soon stopped) so I put together a little display of some of my firsts and favorites among my knitting projects. From the top left:
Lady Eleanor (enough said), my Sushi pattern, the first to get a LOT of nice comments, my teddy bear pattern, the first I did for SWTC, which got mentions in a few knitting magazines after Full Thread Ahead sold the kits to raise money for Hurrican Katrina victims, a little beaded bag I did out of Koigu a few years ago that I just love (first time I used beads), the Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch n' Bitch which still amazes me with the appearing/disappearing alien heads, my first "real" pattern, my first attempt at intarsia (and lining something knitted) - this one is from a few years ago, Charlotte's Web (my first lace project), and my very first sock- yes, it's argyle. I knit it for Level 2 of the TKGA Master Knitter Program. One of these days I'll find a picture of my very first big project, the "Emma" tennis dress from a Berroco pattern. Yes, it was for Emma. I know I managed to get one picture of her running away from me in it (she was only a year old), it's got to be somewhere.

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jae said...

The tam is really cute! All your patterns are very creative.