Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Guess what? I finished something

...and all after working, oh, I don't know, like 85 hours last week. Believe it or not, as of Friday evening, I had only 1 1/2" of the back done on the tank I just finished for SWTC. Today it was handed over to my friendly neighborhood UPS man. Clearly I opted not to sleep this weekend, especially since I worked Saturday AND Sunday lifting and toting my classroom furniture to its new (and charming) location. Now, for the first time in months I have no projects for someone else going, so I can knit something for me! I want to finish my Fuzzy Feet and I may whip off a One Skein Wonder while at the gifted education conference I'm going to tomorrow after school (until Sunday).
Super-secret extreme close up of the yarn I used- SWTC Twize (it's bamboo- ooh!):

See you when I get back!


Lolly said...

Lovely! ;) Have fun at the conference!

Laurie (Moo!) said...

Love the look of the Twize.

Hope the conference goes well.

Can't wait to see the finished tank.

Have you seen any of my posts about my LK150 knitting?