Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So proud of my girl!!

Emma has become quite the spinner already! Here she is holding the yarn she spun over the weekend. She took it to school to show her class yesterday, and she said she explained to them about drafting and plying and the whole bit.

Since she's already threatening to hog my beloved Victoria (she tried the Lendrum but prefers double treadle- my Lendrum is an ST) I'm getting her a little double treadle Babe Pinkie of her own (hey the price is right and she doesn't need anything fancy yet. Plus we can paint it red, which she absolutely wants to do).
As for me, I'm back to a fairly heavy load. I'm reknitting a sweater I designed for the fall issue of Vogue Knitting (the yarn company wants a copy for their booth at TNNA), plus doing a sweater for another yarn company, one for Knit n' Style, and copious amounts of tech editing to do before TNNA in a few weeks.


shizzknits said...

Awww...she looks proud (and she should be!). DS#1 keeps asking when he can spin (he's nearly 7)...I should prolly let him start trying. :)

Shorty said...

She is such a crafter, just like her mom! And a fast learner to boot!

Can't wait to see her a spin night with us. Spinning up gorgeous yarns.