Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Relief

Been too busy to even breathe lately, but everything is finally settling down. Doing massive amounts of tech edits plus 1-2 sweaters per week was really a lot! I spent the weekend messing around with my spinning wheel though, and am looking forward to more reasonable days ahead!

So here's the spinny goodness (since the knitting can't be shown yet!)

Some 2 ply Masham I spun on my Lendrum. One of my first tries with a longwool and I liked it!

Some Merino/Seacell blend, plied with rayon sewing thread to make it wavy. Looks like mermaid hair to me.

1 comment:

Sara Jane said...

I love the plied look of the second yarn, that's a nice texture.

Glad to hear you made it out from under that pile of work. Hope to see you real soon!
I got a Hello Kitty coloring book for Emma, it's been sitting in my car since Easter! We need to catch up more often than that!