Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New design in Knit n' Style!

The preview for the June 2009 issue of Knit n' Style is up, with my wrap! This one was slated to appear in the TNNA fashion show back in January, though since I wasn't there I can't be sure that it actually was.

Issue comes out later this month.


Robin said...

LOVE IT!! Will be watching out for the magazine. Congrats!!!!

Sara Jane said...

Super cute! Can't wait for the magazine.

MidknightStarr said...

Amy, Raven bought me this issue on Wednesday last week! I love your wrap! I have it in my Ravelry faves and queue :D

Oh, I have a question, where did you get the Raverly button that you have on your sidebar? Yours is the 2nd that I've seen.