Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Keeping On

Nothing for show and tell today-- busy on things that are Yet To Be Revealed. Mostly a big pile o' designs for Mission Falls, a late addition for Nashua, and some magazine stuff. I've also been working on editing some designs by a certain lovely designer that many know for her sock-related goodness (though she does a mean sweater too!) who is working on a book. In general, the usual around here.

The main thing I need to do once this latest pile is on its way is carve out some more time to work on my costumes for the impending bellydance performance! The pile of fabric, beads, and whatnot is mocking me. Practicing the dances a bit more wouldn't hurt either! Fortunately my tap costume is a readymade deal, so no sewing needed there.

Funny comment from Emma, whom I had to drag to bellydance this week (we meet at a high school). She went to the bathroom, and when she came back she complained that the restroom was "infested with teens."


Sara Jane said...

Good luck with the pile of work! Glad to hear you've survived thus far.

Shorty said...

That sounds just like something Miss Emma would say. She's such a little lady in a young girl's body.

Hope you are feeling better, and are able to make a dent in your work load.

I hope to get to see you while I'm off.

Dana said...

"infested with teens." That's how I feel every time I go into my daughter's middle school! I feel her pain.