Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knitterpalooza the 2nd

We have yet to get the weather to fully cooperate (last year it was unseasonably cold, this year a constant deluge of rain) but hanging out with knitters is always a good time! Unlike some people I opted not to go on the yarn "swim" (can't call it a crawl in that weather!) since they were the shops I can visit any time I want (last year, since we drove all the way out to Lansing, it was a different story!) If the weather had been better I probably would have done a little shopping anyway, but I digress.
It was a great time again, even though I left part of my pattern at home and ended up with a lot of damp stuff (most of all me). Can't wait until next year!


Amby said...

Well, nobody ever accused me of being sensible or anything...glad you had a good time!!!!

Shorty said...

So sorry I missed the event. It looks like you guys had loads of fun despite the rain.

Next year, I'll be there with bells on.