Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I recently did some pattern writing and grading for J.Knits (not designing, but taking other's sketches and turning them into patterns. To my delight, today I received this lovely package from Julie of J. Knits herself. The funny thing is the package also contained the check I was expecting for my services, but I must say the yarn (and cute tin of knitter's mints) was so engaging that I almost threw the check out with the envelope! Luckily I noticed before it was too late. The yarn is a big fat skein of Superwash Me sock yarn and two skeins of Simply Luxurious, both in the Honolulu colorway (I know what you're thinking-- green? But I just plain like it).

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Shorty said...

So glad you noticed before your payment went out with the trash. That would have really sucked.

You are right about the yarn. It's gorgeous!