Monday, June 09, 2008

Back from TNNA

Well, I'm back, and tired (of course!) from several days of walking the show, chit chats, and whatnot. Like a total nerd I kept a mental tally of the number of garments I had designed that I spotted in the various booths on the show floor (31 in 6 booths, if you're wondering). I ran into lots of people I was hoping to see, including most of the editors I've been tech editing for so far this year, yarn company folk I've been designing for, lots of lovely ladies from AKD, especially Chrissy, who I've been doing a lot of tech editing for these days, Shannon, Vickie, Jess and Casey, and more. I also got to see our beloved and much-missed ex-Detroit Area Knitter Tracy, who lives not too far from Columbus and came down to join me at the AKD party on Friday.

It was so nice (as usual) to check out the new yarns, people-watch, and be generally overwhelmed. I had a few appointments for lining up new gigs, all of which went very well and led to much planning and time management on the ol' calendar when I got home to be sure everything gets done on time.

Until next year!

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Purlygrl said...

31 garments in 6 booths! You're such a rockstar!