Saturday, April 29, 2006

And now, some knitting time

It's been a crazy week. Permit me to explain:
Monday- lots of errands. Got home from work at 7. Went to tap at 7:45. Got home after 10.
Tuesday- loooong meeting. Got home from work at 8.
Wednesday- another loooooooong meeting. Again, got home from work at 8.
Thursday- actually left work on time. Had tap rehearsal at 7. Got home late. Did manage to work on the SWTC sweater during other groups' rehearsals. Everyone loved the Amaizing yarn. (Corn? They said. You're kidding.)
Friday- tap performance after work. Got home late again. Hubbo's reaction? "You guys kicked ass."

The end of a busy week- my tap performance.

Sockapaloooza socks done at last! Just plain toe-ups, I'm afraid, in Koigu.

A peek at what I've been working on- at 7 sts and 9 rows to the inch it's not fast work. Soon (hopefully- I've cleared my calendar to do nothing but knit this weekend) it will be a sweater for SWTC.
Wish me luck.


Marcia said...

Good Luck!

a knitting weekend sounds wonderful. Those socks look very comfy.

Kelli said...

Your new project has a beautiful texture. Good luck! And your Sockapalooza socks are great - anything but plain.