Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sick + Secret Pal

My Secret Pal was revealed to me today, along with my final gift! I got Wrap Style and 2 skeins of pinky-red Atacama yarn, of which I will post pictures as soon as I get all the confetti out of it (!) The box had a lot of paper confetti in it, and it's totally stuck to the yarn. The person I was spoiling just posted about her final gift. I'm glad she liked it. In other news, I'm sick (!!) which is not good considering my looming knitting deadlines, but I did get the last sleeve finished on the Amerah cardigan for SWTC in between naps today. Hopefully I'll get it seamed soon, since the Phoenix yarn arrived for the next project (and more yarn is on its way for other stuff!!) Big mail day today.

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Wendie said...

Aack!! Sorry about that Amy! It was late and I couldn't find a box small enough, so I improvised. Now I know, shredded paper and yarn = big ol' mess! Well I hope you like everything despite the fact that I suck at packaging gifts!