Thursday, October 27, 2005

Still no pictures, sorry

Still really busy, so I still haven't finished anything :( The Hubbo (I almost typed Hobo) went to New York on business and took my camera, so even if I had I couldn't show it anyway. He's supposed to bring me something back from one of their many yarn shops (!), so I can forgive him.

I got Handknit Holidays- what a cute book! I like all the little quick projects- I might actually have time to make some of those!

The tank top for SWTC continues unabated. I have to finish it before I got to Louisville for a conference on November 9- even though I'm working weekends to pack for the big move at school I think I can make it- no sleeves, right?

One little potentially exciting thing-- I got an email from Pam Allen the other day- Interweave Knits saved the design I sent for Spring 2006 for the summer issue instead- she says it's lovely and she'll let me know in a week or two if it makes the cut. I'm totally holding my breath!


Cathi said...

Amy, how exciting!!! I can't wait to hear, and to see what it is! Hooray!

Susan said...

I sure hope your design makes it into the mag!!! That would be awesome!!!