Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Over the weekend, I actually BOUGHT yarn- haven't done that much lately since I've only been knitting projects that aren't for me- at that new yarn store that's dangerously close to my in-laws, The Knitting Den in South Lyon. They had some nice stuff. I bought some Trekking for me for socks-which I started and for the first time I'm doing the Magic Loop, some chunky wool to make a hat or something for Emma, and some Kureyon for my Secret Pal. Speaking of Kureyon, it's one of Emma's vocabulary words for Japanese this week- it means crayon, just like it sounds! Besides that, I started one of my new projects for SWTC- it's for their new purse kits. They have a sort of plastic canvas form that fits inside to give them support, which is pretty handy. I'm doing this one is a mosaic pattern with the 2 colors of Karaoke I showed the other day, with a bit of Fur Real at the top (yes, like most things, fur is okay in moderation, and this fur is nicer than most.)


Cathi said...

I can't wait to see more of the Karaoke (will you be able to show it?)- I've been tempted by it, but have yet to see it in person, so it's been a little easier to resist.

Lolly said...

Trekking is so nice! Can't wait to see the socks you make. Thanks for joining the knitalong. I will get your name on the list this afternoon :)