Monday, October 05, 2009

New design in Knit n' Style!

Here's my design from the December '09 issue of Knit n' Style. It was made in one of my favorite fancy yarns, Tilli Tomas Plie, and the lower portion is worked in Tilli Tomas Mariel's Crystals (the one with Swarovski crystals strung on it for ultra-bling). The lower portion is worked first from side to side with short rows to create the crystal-y wedges, then stitches are picked up to complete the front and back. The upper back is ribbed to improve the fit. Picture a fancy New Year's Eve party- that's the idea.


Anonymous said...

Amy- stunning!! I Love it.. can't wait to snag a copy and start at it! karola

Dana said...

B-e-a-utiful! Nice job!