Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Socks a la Carte!

It must be "books I tech edited arrive at my house" week, because another just came today-- Socks a la Carte. It's funny that it should come out now, because last December I was busy talking to Jonelle and Kat at SWTC about the stitch patterns and working out the format, style, and checking them all for accuracy. The cool thing about this book is it allows you to mix and match sock cuff, leg, and foot designs (with numerous types of heels and toes) with fun split pages. Also, it's a spiral bound hardcover with a nice elastic strap to hold it closed (like the Handy Book of Patterns) which I LOVE. I could give myself a headache thinking about the possible combinations of sock patterns! It's a bigger book than I imagined, really a nice one. (Plus, as a bonus, the acknowledgments state that I rock. But we already knew that, right?)

1 comment:

Shorty said...

I can't wait to get myself a copy of this one.

And I second the opinion, "YOU ROCK!"