Monday, November 12, 2007

My middle name is Unrealistic

I tend to prefer the drama and excitement of tight deadlines as far as a cure for procrastination goes, and at times I even inflict tighter ones than actually exist just to create it. Other times, (like now), it's real. So...

List of Lofty Goals for the Week (updated again as of Sunday night):
1. Finish subs for Cast On (this is done!!)
2. Finish subs for Classic Elite (done)
3. Finish all 3 projects for the VK On the Go books (done)
4. Tech edit at least 6 patterns, better if I get all 8 done that are in the pile (6 are done so far)
5. Think about subs for IK (thinking, still need to swatch)
6. Write patterns for aforementioned VK On the Go projects (done)
7. Wallow in the big pile of Tilli Tomas that came today for another design I'm doing for them (just got to admire from afar)
8. Start a design for SWTC that needs to be at one of the mags in 2 weeks (well underway)

Hopefully, I can make this all happen (note to self: Stop messing around on Ravelry!) so next week I can enjoy some more leisurely pursuits for Thanksgiving and such. The only potential wrench is that Emma has 3 half days this week, so I won't have as much alone time to work. Luckily 99% of the time she's really good at entertaining herself!!


Larjmarj said...

That is ambitious. Missed you tonight!
Ravelry is a HUGE time suck but I like the fact that I can see new blog posts as they happen.

Connie said...

Oh my god, you *are* crazy. That's a seriously long to do list! But no doubt, you'll finish it all. Your prolific-ness is astounding...