Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Sweater!

You are already aware that I stayed up until 4 am Friday night (after working 12 hours, no less) to finish The Sweater. Here it is:

There was no way I was modeling this at 4 am- though it did fit great! The yarn (Amaizing- made of corn) has great stitch definition, is soft, and not quite as heavy as cotton though the look is pretty much like cotton. The construction of the yarn is a tape- looks a lot like SWTC Oasis in the skein. Look for it when it comes out- I really liked working with it!

Saturday I was up at 6 am to help run the school's big garage sale. When I got home around 7 pm, I completely crashed. I woke up not too long ago and realized I had received two beautiful skeins of merino/silk blend from Interlacements for designing. How nice! Now the The Sweater is done, I need to do a few swatches (for Nashua, Interlacements, and the Great Wall of Yarn)- all that free yarn isn't exactly free, you know, and finish the long-suffering sweater for The Alpaca Yarn Company- all before TNNA, which is in less than a month. For today though, I'm going to celebrate Mother's Day by finishing my other Jaywalker- I'd love to finish something that's for me today.

Edited to add: SWTC's website has been updated with more info on Amaizing. You can check it out here.


Booga J said...

Great looking sweater! I've never heard of yarn made from corn!

Jonelle Raffino said...

The A-Maizing sweater arrived at SWTC today... its even more stunning in person. We cant wait to show this beauty off.

Thank you for all of your wonderful work!

Jonelle, Jonette, Kat and the team!

Lolly said...

That sweater is beautiful, Amy! I have never heard of this yarn - what a great concept! Can we get a model shot of the sweater? I know it will look great!